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“The only time you don’t have power is when you give it away.” That unforgettable line was from Ellenore’s captivating keynote as she kicked off a worldwide wave of events celebrating International Women’s Day, back when she was a global executive with one of the world’s fastest growing, most innovative companies. Inspired by her message that day, I stayed in touch and have watched in awe as she moved mountains, becoming a published author, nonprofit leader, keynote speaker and consultant. Hire her! She’s a brilliant thought leader whose energy is infectious.”

Jo Miller

Ellenore was one of our distinguished speakers for Vervecon women tech conference and she was fantastic. She spoke on the career track and her talk was one of crowds favorite.

When I introduced vervecon to her on phone, what surprised me was that she was so in line with the goals of the conference. We requested her to provide more stats/ data in her talk since our target audience were engineers and she is was bang on. I personally loved her talk and how she was beautifully engaging the audience. She was definitely an asset to the conference and also inspiring. Looking forward to working with her more



Many think negotiation is something really challenging. They also believe it results in a winner and loser and you need to embrace conflict to end up a winner. This session will provide powerful mental models, tips from experts and include hands on examples to practice skills which show the audience they negotiate all the time.

After this workshop, participants will know how to use what they already know to build out their negotiation skills for everything from household chores at home to getting a team to take on work to negotiating flexibility, job scope, promotion or salary.

Innovation is something all industries and leadership strive for but few can do it consistently. This talk will explore key approaches to incorporate to ensure innovation is happening every day. This talk is grounded in 13 years working as an executive at Amazon during a period of high growth and innovation as well as an entrepreneur.

This talk will teach the audience to develop a bold long-term focused vision, bring it to life with a clear focus on their customer; to make hard decisions as challenges and obstacles arise; to maximize the potential of their people capital by fostering optimism, empowering the front line and middle managers; and to develop effective processes to support scaling and keeping quality consistently high.

Global is unavoidable. We purchase goods and services from companies that operate everywhere. We work with people from different countries and backgrounds. We are impacted by policies and choices of the global community. Gaining a global view point is critical for success for leaders of all kinds and is something that needs to be embedded throughout a team or company to be truly effective.

After this talk, the audience will know how to assess their Global Mindset by examining their lived experience; identify concrete next steps they can implement immediately to think more globally; create processes and strategies to support growing a global perspective for themselves and their teams

Diversity, equity and inclusion are important for all organization but present unique challenges. This talk walks through catalysts and insights based on experience as the first Global Director of Diversity at Amazon as well as research. It provides actionable tips and techniques for all levels.

This talk will provide the audience a deeper understanding of both the challenges and opportunities; actionable effective steps to take at the individual, team or organization level; and the tools and knowledge to implement immediately no matter their role

Past Engagements


  • Keynote
    $4500 plus economy travel expenses

    • Up to 3 hours of prep calls
    • Up to 1 hour presentation
    • One on one or group debrief or mentoring session follow for up to 3 hours.

  • Classroom style workshop
    $4000 plus economy travel expenses

    • Up to 2 hours of prep calls
    • Up to 1 hour presentation
    • One on one or group debrief or mentoring session follow for up to 2 hours.

  • Panel Moderator
    $3500 plus economy travel expenses

    • Up to 2 hours of prep calls
    • Up to 1 hour moderating panel
    • One on one or group debrief or mentoring session follow for up to 1 hour

  • Panel participant
    $2500 plus economy travel expenses

    • 1-hour prep call
    • Up to 1 hour participation in moderated panel
    • One on one or group debrief or mentoring session follow for up to 1 hours.

*Willing to work within budgets for Not For Profit and organizations in alignment with my core beliefs.

Diane Carroll

Ellenore has been a great inspiration to many, as I’ve witnessed for over (the decade) that I have known her. She agreed to speak at our Amazon Connections Summit in 2018, focusing on "Thoughtful Communications & Effective Cross Team Collaboration," and knocked it out of the park! Positive feedback poured in from our team - having felt invigorated and enthused to strengthen team dynamics and better connect with our customers. I highly recommend Ellenore for any speaking engagement, whether it’s a room full of senior leaders or a fresh new group of grads ready to conquer the world!

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