You already have leadership responsibilities in all roles in your life. Now learn how to lead more effectively and joyfully:

We are negotiating all the time, whether we know it or not. Negotiation is just "a discussion aimed at an agreement."

Solve thorny challenges or reach new levels of impact. Innovation is simply put trying something new or different.  You need to learn to take risks because new often involves unknown but the rewards are so worth it.

Communication is critical to all human interaction.  Yet, we don’t spend enough time investing in learning about and improving this essential skill.  Use these resources to get your ideas across, make hard decisions, and achieve your goals, faster

Everyone says networking is critical yet many of us don’t want to or know to do so to achieve the benefits. Learn how to effectively develop and grown your network to increase your impact and achieve your dreams:

Don’t we all want to be more productive.  Here are some concrete ideas and tips to get you started

Sometimes starting is the hardest part. Just because you are involved in socially conscious efforts doesn’t mean they are satisfying or in effective?  These articles will help you navigate different options and approaches.

Juggling work and parenting presents some unique challenges.  Check out these resources to let you know you are not alone and learn to successfully navigate these roles.

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