Past Engagements

I have had the privilege to share my thoughts and experiences on a number of stages.

My audiences have ranged from new hires and new VPs at Amazon to college, masters and PhD graduates at the University of Washington Information school, from CEOs and business owners at the Printers Industries of America to engineering leaders at the Annual Conference of the Society of Women Engineers.

Some of my talks were recorded; please click on samples below.


“We felt your presentation was the high point of the [virtual] conference."


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Feedback from past engagements

Jo Miller

The only time you don’t have power is when you give it away.” That unforgettable line was from Ellenore’s captivating keynote as she kicked off a worldwide wave of events celebrating International Women’s Day, back when she was a global executive with one of the world’s fastest growing, most innovative companies. Inspired by her message that day, I stayed in touch and have watched in awe as she moved mountains, becoming a published author, nonprofit leader, keynote speaker and consultant. Hire her! She’s a brilliant thought leader whose energy is infectious.

Diane Carroll

Ellenore has been a great inspiration to many, as I’ve witnessed for over (the decade) that I have known her. She agreed to speak at our Amazon Connections Summit in 2018, focusing on "Thoughtful Communications & Effective Cross Team Collaboration," and knocked it out of the park! Positive feedback poured in from our team - having felt invigorated and enthused to strengthen team dynamics and better connect with our customers. I highly recommend Ellenore for any speaking engagement, whether it’s a room full of senior leaders or a fresh new group of grads ready to conquer the world!

Eyoel Ashaw

Ellenore is an extremely motivational leader and exceptionally creative problem solver. Her inspirational and supportive words bring people together to accomplish audacious goals.

Adriane Burkland Harris

Ellenore was a keynote speaker at our national leadership conference. She is a dynamic public speaker and wowed the audience. Her presentation inspired the presidents and CEOs in the room to think about how to innovate and create methodologies that increase business without necessarily increasing work. How to be efficient, customer-focused, and to anticipate and plan for challenges before they occur. She was a tremendous asset to our conference and I highly recommend her as a keynote speaker and strategic advisor.

Ana  Buitrago

I worked with Ellenore extensively my first years in Amazon. She was a great inspirational leader and helped me in many ways, in particular when it came to master how drive some tough discussions and negotiations, as well as influence others, remote and/or new to the role. Ellenore .. pushed us to think big and stay close to the business and did a great job to teach me how to become an Amazonian at speed.”

Tom Weiland

Ellenore is an amazing innovator, thinker, and strategist. In our time together at Amazon, she pioneered a number of important projects with positive impact for customers and employee experience. She understands well the power of customer obsession, and how to drive change in an organization for the benefit of customer and employee experience.

Joseph Marin

At Printing Industries of America, we present a yearly President's Conference geared specifically for industry executives, CEOs, and owners where Ellenore was a keynote speaker for our event. It was an absolute pleasure working with Ellenore as she worked with us––and worked hard to understand our audience and their needs, then customize her presentation with messaging that connected with our industry. The attendees raved about her message and presentation. I would not hesitate to work with Ellenore again, or recommend her as a speaker for other events and organizations!

Dayna Steele

I would recommend Ellenore Angelidis as both a public speaker and consultant. She is someone with big ideas who knows the value of execution. She is also a great listener and someone who always wants to learn. Her ideas are insightful and actionable. As a successful public speaker myself, I believe Ellenore has experience and a message that will resonate with a wide variety of audiences. She also has a depth of experience and ability to connect quickly that will serve her well as both a public speaker and consultant.

Andreas von der Heydt

Ellenore is an excellent public speaker who is able to connect with just about any audience, She has a unique ability to break down complex topics into understandable, actionable insights. She also consistently looks for a better way to approach thorny issues. She was a trusted strategic advisor of many business leaders at Amazon because of her pragmatic and innovative approach. I would recommend Ellenore as both a public speaker and consultant.

Brian Ballantyne

At Amazon when we worked together, it was amazing to see Ellenore take the lead as the company's first Director of Inclusion & Diversity, launching an annual AmazeCon diversity conference, setting goals and strategy, and pushing the boundaries of the conversation to cover many dimensions of diversity, and showing up in life as your authentic self. I continue to be inspired by Ellenore's impact as she pushes onwards and upwards. I highly recommend her as a coach and speaker.

Scott Feinstein

Ellenore is one of the most "can do" people on the planet! She has great business sense, understands customer reaction, and can give practical advice to the business without losing the marketing impact. She can strategize, guide, examine all sides of the issue, and do it all with good grace and humor.


Ellenore was one of our distinguished speakers for Vervecon women tech conference and she was fantastic. She spoke on the career track and her talk was one of crowds favorite. When I introduced vervecon to her on phone, what surprised me was that she was so in line with the goals of the conference. We requested her to provide more stats/ data in her talk since our target audience were engineers and she is was bang on. I personally loved her talk and how she was beautifully engaging the audience. She was definitely an asset to the conference and also inspiring. Looking forward to working with her more

Andrea Mayner

I have known Ellenore for 15+ years, both professionally as well as personally. Ellenore is one of the most accomplished people I have ever met. Aside from being a brilliant, highly-respected attorney, she built a not-for-profit foundation, Open Hearts Big Dreams (OHBD), from the ground up. I recall the last OHBD gala as I looked around the huge venue filled with donors and guests. I was in awe at what Ellenore had created and built. And she spoke eloquently and passionately. Everyone in the room was captivated. As a member of the board of OHBD, I have had the opportunity to witness Ellenore’s tremendous skill and acumen. In connection with OHBD, she has worked with authors, artists, technology professionals, and people in very high-level positions in Ethiopia. She is a remarkable leader.

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